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CAT ET 2021A ET Software With Full Dealer’s License Download Via Interenet

Cat ET 2021A (Caterpillar Electronic Technician) is a diagnostic software used by Caterpillar engineers and technicians to communicate, diagnose and maintain Caterpillar engines / machines equipped with ECU electric control system. We can diagnose current or potential problems, engine information, and current data all analyzed using this software

With specialized software from Cat ET 2021, you can customize all the parameter you want, even programming and update software ECU control.

Package include
Caterpillar Electronic Technician [ ET 2021A ] + Activation
+Built-in Factory Password Generator
+Installation Instructions

Windows 10 32 64 Bit

English, Chinese, Danish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish


One PC Activation [You can Request Unlimited Activations During the Membership Period]

Shipping Policy, Instant Download No waiting
Download link by high speed web server Total Download size 559 mb

Support – FREE
If buyer request we can finalize installation and activation process through Teamviwer or Anydesk

Caterpillar electronic technician ET 2021A is an updated version of the caterpillar dealer diagnostic software.

There Built-in Factory Password Generator (not support 18 Digit)

Caterpillar ET diagnostic application allows you to: Change vehicle parameters Lock / unlock parameters Diagnostics and reconfiguration Reading ECM flash error codes

This program works and Caterpillar 2021A dealer distributor of CA3 communication adapter diagnostics and other diagnostic adapters include Nexiq.

The Caterpillar ET 2021A program provides complete information and troubleshooting of your CAT machinery.
Among its features, it is found that the cat ET 2021A has the ability to perform analysis and testing of all sensors and systems in real time.
And it also allows you to see all the error codes of the Caterpillar machinery and has integration with Caterpillar sis in this way to see all the technical information on how to solve the fault.

Features of Cat ET 2021A
View active and registered diagnostics.
View events where irregularities occurred and were recorded by the ECM.
View the status of a group of parameters (temperatures, pressures, etc.) simultaneously.
Register and record performance data.
Graph a group of state parameters.
View the current configuration of an ECM
Change ECM configurations.
Diagnostic tests.
Print reports and diagnostic results

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