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About Us contains complete technical information relating to the automotive industry, specifically:
– EPC (electronic original spare part catalogues,  parts book)
– -Service manuals (automotive repair instructions, step by step information with all necessary dimensions, wiring diagrams),
– Diagnostic programs (error codes, information for advanced users)
Internet download means no shipping cost,you will receive Repair Manual immediately on completion of payment.

Data will be useful for people who carry out their own repairs or for Specialized Engineers or Machines.

Our spare parts books include complete detailed information on all components installed . For example you can find out – the correct serial numbers for spare parts  – compare compatibility of spares between vehicle models – view images of units on the vehicle -weight and size   of spares.

Repair & service manuals contain the most up-to-date information relating to procedures of – service and diagnostic – electric schemes – descriptions of control units – instructions with illustrations.

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