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Caterpillar Hydraulic Information System (Cat HIS) And Caterpillar Hose Catalog

Caterpillar Hydraulic Information System (HIS)

Caterpillar Hydraulic Informations System contains complete documentation for the selection of hoses and couplings products Caterpillar.
Program allows for the hydraulic connection of the references complete data (information) about the connection.
Program contains a search function, which allows for selection by number, diameter, fastening; also present cross-reference base.

Caterpillar Hydraulic Information System (HIS) And Caterpillar Hose Catalog


Caterpillar Hose Catalog

The Reference Guide contains all the necessary information about the Caterpillar Hose & Coupling. Electronic guide includes detailed instructions, technical information, schemes and diagrams, tables, and illustrations, and other additional information which will help you in any procedures. All screenshots will help you in using, for a detailed familiarization and quick understanding of the meaning of the text and visual inspection of this device.

It is very important to read the safety rules, notes, and rules, to avoid any breakdowns or crashes and extend the quality of your Caterpillar equipment for many years.  In order to view, as well as print or save the necessary information – we recommend installing the Adobe PDF Reader program.

3rd edition caterpillar hose catalog  guide

10.1 edition cat hose products amp tooling guide



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